Our story

Inkuto's story is one of a kind. In 2005 Inkuto's founder and CEO Edem Agbekey-Taylor moved to Finland to continue her studies. Before that she had worked as an automobile engineer in a multinational corporation. However, life took an unexpected turn: Edem's newborn daughter suffered from a bad rash and nothing seemed to work for her condition. Edem's mother recommended to try the traditional African black soap, which has been used in African countries for centuries as a traditional and natural cure for skin conditions. Within a couple of weeks her daughter's skin was cured. This also surprised the staff at the maternity clinic, who wanted to know
more about the magical black soap. Eventually Edem ended up founding Inkuto Organics, which today provides a range of skin and haircare products that are enriched with natural and African ingredients, and are handmade
in Inkuto's factory in Herttoniemi, Helsinki.

Edem Agbekey-Taylor's mission has always been to empower women in her home country, Ghana.Shea butter, a key ingredient used in several of Inkuto's products, is produced by Ghanaian women and widows, who get fair compensation for their work, and are able to support their community, and provide a proper education for their children. In Ghana the position of widows has traditionally been exceptionally poor.

Join us and support skincare that is full of natural, nourishing and ethically sourced ingredients, and provides income to West-African communities!

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