Empowerment, Ethics, Sustainability, Respect, Integrity, Quality

A world where care and mutual respect dominate. A world where nature and Mother Earth continue to provide us with what we need. To make a difference through fair trade and meeting customers’ needs. To be recognized as a high-quality, ethical, handmade brand that provides solutions for its customers.

- use only natural and the finest certified organic ingredients to provide customers with skin and hair care products that meet their needs in the modern world.
- make everything by hand at our factory in Helsinki, Finland, with love, care and an African touch.
- use both well-established, centuries old ingredients and newly discovered gems of nature.
- combine ingredients from different geographical locations in our own unique way, to deliver complementary natural beauty solutions that work for you.
- are proud to be distinct in the cosmetics market.
- ensure that our handmade products help to empower people in developing countries.
- are honored to help both young and old with their skin issues, as well as to be part of the growing trend towards cultural, economical, ethical and environmental sustainability.

Happily, we operate a socio-economic business model that combines all the things that matter to us as a company. By trading with them, we are able to provide a means of empowerment for women and widows in Northern and Southern Ghana. By prioritizing customer feedback, we identify the best solutions for their needs, which in turn empowers them in their sense of wellbeing.

Both traditional ingredients and newly discovered gifts of nature are carefully combined and formulated together, as we continually add to our product range and simultaneously seek to improve our operations, quality and processes. Finally, we love to share all this joy and knowledge with you, our valued customers.