African black soap

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Hand-made product. Traded with people we know. Contains only coconut oil and cocoa husk ashes. No additives. Great for face, body and hair cleansing. Valued by customers with sensitive skin.

A pure and simple cleansing solution for all skin types. Made from richly lathering coconut oil and totally unscented, for even the most sensitive skin.

Inkuto®’s pure, unscented, traditional African Black Soap comes from Ghana. Our black soap leaves the skin smooth and soft, and also works particularly well with moisturizing pure Inkuto® Shea Butter. Raw black soap is prized for its antiseptic properties and for its gentleness on the skin and hair and we are happy to bring this to you.

Inkuto® African Black Soap is not the same as other black soaps

Our African Black Soap is not the mass-produced African black soap in boxes all over the market.

INKUTO African Black Soap is made with virgin coconut oil and cocoa husk ashes (potash). All of our ingredients are simple and natural. The soap-making process is highly sophisticated, and requires hand-stirring for at least a day. After the soap has crystallized, it is allowed to cure for two weeks.

These two ingredients together produce the unique texture and patterning of our traditional black soap.

Uses for our African Black Soap

African Black Soap is an excellent all-purpose, natural soap, with absolutely no artificial ingredients. We have outlined a few of its many uses for you below:

- Sensitive skin

- Treatment of skin irritations

- Acne

- Eczema

- Body and hair

- Children and babies

 We recommend it especially for individuals with sensitive skin. It is known for creating smooth skin, and is also used to treat skin irritations, acne, and other skin conditions.

And, our African Black Soap has been efficacy tested and shown to prevent acne breakout, and to treat and heal existing acne lesions on the skin. Even people with long-term cystic acne have had dramatic results from our African Black Soap

Re-forming black soap

Our African Black Soap comes in blocks or chunks and is easily formed into bars or customized to create personalized soaps. It is also a great base ingredient for creating your own personalized soaps and can be melted and customized by adding moisturizing ingredients, such as unrefined shea butter, and essential oils. It can also be made into a liquid soap by adding water.

Storage of African black soap

Pure traditional African black soap is a soft milled soap and has a very high natural glycerine content. As a result, it readily absorbs moisture from the air. It must be stored in a dry location or in a sealed plastic bag or it will become soft as it absorbs moisture. Black soap exposed to the air will have a thin white coloured film. This film is not mold, it is caused by absorption of water from the air. This can be avoided by keeping the soap in a dry location away from moisture until ready for use. Other than that, there are no special storage requirements.

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