Gold Aromatherapy Soap, Gold & Frankincense

€14,00 EUR

Gold & Frankincense Aromatherapy Soap

With Frankincense and gold mica

Introducing Inkuto's 'Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh' aromatherapy soap! This luxurious soap is perfect for cleansing and gifting, and includes the added benefits of Frankincense and a sprinkling of Gold mica.

Frankincense’s warm, woody aroma, that is perfect for relaxation, has long been used in aromatherapy for its ability to promote feelings of peace and wellbeing, while the Gold mica gives the soap a beautiful sparkle. This soap makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves pampering their skin!

The tantalizing scent of 'Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh' will transport you to a far-off land, while the rich lather gently cleanses your skin. Each bar is handcrafted with care, making it a truly unique gift.

So why wait? Treat yourself or someone you love to the healing and gifting power of Inkuto today!

INCI: sodium cocoate (coconut oil), sodium shea butterate (butyrspermum parkii), sodium canolate (rapeseed oil), sodium sunflowerate  (sunflower oil), spring water, butyrspermum parkii, boswellia carterii (frankincense) oil, commiphora myrrha (myrrh) oil, yellow iron oxide 42, red  iron oxide, gold mica (mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide).


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