Finnish Skincare with an African touch

Inkuto® skin and hair care products are hand-made in Helsinki and contain indigenous African natural resources that are culturally, spiritually, economically and ecologically sustainable.


Fair trading

Natural African

Inkuto® chooses to promote renewable, indigenous African natural resources. Traditionally handcrafted shea butter and African black soap fit these criteria. Shea butter is a renewable resource of African origin; shea trees are wild, requiring no chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

Our new products

Shampoo Bars

Created because you wanted them, our ecologically sustainable and lovingly created solid shampoo bars are targeted at your hair's needs. Available in formulas created for Normal, Sensitive, Curly or Wavy, and Dandruff  hair types, these bars are easy to use and smell heavenly! Do NOT eat! Raspberry, Unscented, Mango and Tea Tree & Peppermint fragrances. Mmmmmmm.

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Hair Conditioner Bars

Inkuto® has developed a new line in COSMOS approved solid conditioner bars that are made from sustainable and naturally derived ingredients, tailored to your hair type. Check out our store for these must have products that have no plastics and are packaged in certified managed forests cardboard boxes.
Mango, Argan and Rasperry.

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Made in Finland


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